12 Week Suspension Bodyweight Training & Nutrition Programme

Tried and tested with thousands of clients and athletes, this programme will get you amazing results! At home, the gym, indoors or outdoors. 

Build Strength, Speed, Stamina and Strip body fat with our easy to follow programme that will see you fitter & stronger than ever before.

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We have taken out all of the guesswork and given you everything that you will need to improve your whole body!

  • Complete Video Library of all the exercise
  • Follow along workouts
  • Easy Nutrition that gets results
  • Warm ups & Stretching 

Designed with former World and Commonwealth Champion Katy Sexton MBE, the coaches also include top strength & conditioning coaches from the Mark Foster Swim Academy, sports scientists and nutritionists.

We have developed a Fun, Safe and Effective way of training to build whole body strength fast whilst also improving endurance, balance and stability as well as  helping to prevent injury in your everyday lives and/or your training and racing.

The online training is easy to use with step by step video workouts and lessons to help build new healthy habits and to develop your Physical and Mental approach to your life and sport. 

"This programme has everything you need to improve your whole body and build a stronger, leaner more powerful body and so much more!"

- Katy Sexton MBE


Fun Workouts


Each week you will get a new Suspension programme with a follow-along video for you to workout along with.

Included in your programme are whole body warm ups to get you safely ready for your workout, a full exercise video library of all the exercises, as well as 12 weeks of workouts to build whole body strength.


Easy Nutrition

Exercise is only part of the of building a healthier body.

To build a stronger body you need to feed it with the right types of food. 

We have provided you with an recipe book and meal plans that will help you to strip body fat, building your body stronger from the inside out.

Increasing your energy levels and your ability to concentrate and focus. 

Improved Movement

All of this exercise and nutrition is building your body to have more Strength, Speed and Stamina. 

We also have to work on your range of movement so that we have a body that performs across a range of movements and direction. 

The better you are able to move the less likely you are to become injured.

"I have been a swimmer since I was very young, but even when I was at what I thought was the peak of my swimming career I would never get below 30 second on 50 meter Breastroke. After a consultation with Rob we embarked on a remote coaching programme. After a few weeks I could feel my body getting stronger, after 6 weeks I was seeing some great changes in my physique and that my clothes were getting baggy (in all the right places). We have worked together towards my goal of sub 30 seconds and I am proud to say that I have now set that new lifetime best - something that I never did even when I was trying out for the Olympics aged 19. I have since completed at the European and World Masters swimming competitions. I feel fitter and stronger that ever before!"

Martin Bennell


BIT Strength

SPECIAL PRICE £45.00 - RRP £85.00 Everything you need to improve your whole body Strength and much more!...

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